The Confident Child Network 

The Confident Child Network is a children’s club geared towards fostering and improving the mental, emotional and cognitive capacities of every child. We work with a team of academic tutors, child psychologists, parents, and medical personnel to develop a pack of resources and worksheets for children to utilize in building themselves up. 

The aim of this club is to provide educative and entertaining content in the most effective manner with our focus on building confident and well balanced children through virtual meetings where we engage in PSHE education (discussions and activities on self-awareness, respect, time management, discipline, perseverance and the likes).

We admit children in the following age groups 

4 to 6yrs   7 to 10 yrs    11 – 16yrs

The club meetings hold once a week virtually for now.

Membership Fee  

#2,000 (tester)   #7,000 monthly     #20,000 termly     #70,000 yearly                                                                                  (for schools)

 We are gradually becoming the household name in the children engagement industry


  1. A video lesson on Goal Setting for your kids. Here
  2. A free goal setting template. Here

For more information or inquiries, call Idara on 07038024541 or send an email to

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