What’s a  party?

Merriam Webster has a lot of definitions but I took two of the six.

  1. A person or group participating in an action or affair.
  2. A social gathering. The entertainmentprovided for it.

One day, a friend of mine asked my son what he wanted. As his mother I was happy that one thing from his to-buy list will be ticked off so I listened to hear his response. Next thing I heard was “I want to play”! I was shocked, humbled and dumbfounded then I embarked on a very random survey to know what children want and my only survey question was “What do you want?” This is the question that I asked every child that participated in the survey and I got so many answers which looked like

  1. I want to play
  2. I want ice cream
  3. Huh?!! 
  4. I want to run up and down the stairs
  5. I want to hear a story
  6. I want to dance
  7. I want to see my Mum 
  8. I want to do a split
  9. I want to watch Cartoons
  10. I want to a bicycle

These answers were influence by three independent variables, First and most important was the child’s current thought, second was the environment where I met the child and third was my relationship with the child. The most frequent was “I want to play”

What is play?

Again, my dictionary gave some serious meanings but there was one that referred to our context – a recreational activity, especially: the spontaneous activity of children.

For this reason, I have planned a party, in a safe place, an area were there is a lot of sand and space. I have also made provision for many recreationalactivities for children like – bouncy castlesaiming games,races, painting, craft making,building with sandcastles, football, water relay, floating balls and many many fun things that children can do for PLAY

This is the Vans Children’s Beach Party 2019.

This first edition will have a very special feature – A Pledge badge.

This badge is an item that will serve as a reminder to children of the value achievementsthat they will earn during the next school year.  

This and many more are the reasons no child should miss this party. 

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